Overnight Boarding

At Boise Kennels, we offer a clean, welcoming environment, friendly staff, and room for your little (or not so little) ones to run and play. Special situations such as geriatric pets, puppies, and kittens are allowed to stay in the owner’s home, at our discretion, where we can attend to their every need. Please ask about availability.

Boarding for Dogs

Our facility for dogs consists of climate-controlled sleeping quarters and covered outdoor paddocks. The dogs are taken to individual outruns multiple times a day (3 hours total). The dogs are separated in different areas of the building according to size so there is no size intimidation factor such as a Great Dane being next to a Chihuahua. The indoor kennels are cleaned twice a day. We provide blankets for comfort but you are welcome to bring a light blanket, t-shirt, or something with familiar smells from home to reduce stress. We also recommend bringing your pet’s favorite toy and some treats to make the stay more enjoyable.

Food & Medications

We feed the dogs Victor Classic Professional Formula but if you would prefer to bring in your dog’s own food, especially if you feed puppy/senior food or veterinary diet, we recommend you to bring it. There is no difference in cost either way. We will take care of giving all medications including insulin (please make sure they’re properly labeled).

Dog Boarding Rates

1 – 19 lbs 20 – 39 lbs 40 – 59 lbs 60 lbs and up
$20/night $21/night $22/night 23/night

Boarding for Cats

Our cattery consists of single condos for 1 cat & double condos for up to 2 cats in a separate area from dogs. We provide blankets, beds/cubes and litter boxes. There is also an outside area off of the cattery where we take the cats out (individually) so they can play and drive the squirrels crazy.

Food & Medications

We feed the cats Iams® Original™ with Chicken but you are welcome to bring your cat’s own food or treats if you prefer. We will take care of giving all medications including insulin (please make sure they’re properly labeled).

Cat Boarding Rates



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