Activities & Extras

The Exercise Program (20 minutes): $4/day

20 min of supervised play time in ½ acre of park-like exercise field to play ball, Frisbee, or just sniff around. It is great mental and physical stimulation and will give your dog the extra personal attention.

Swimming (15 minutes): $8/day

One of our popular activities during the summer. Our 21’ above-ground pool has a ramp going up to an enclosed deck. We have one person on the deck and one in the pool at all times. We throw balls into the pool and watch the dogs swan dive!

Bath (includes ear cleaning and nail trimming): $18

Complimentary with over 4 nights paid boarding. Ears and nails by request only for complimentary baths.

Medication: $4/day

Administration of medications including insulin (please make sure they’re properly labeled).


Open 7 days a week: 8am-6pm Closed on major holidays


2303 N. 36th Street   Boise, ID 83703
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